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Amazing Facts About the Pangolin
  • The Pangolins other name is the scaly anteater and is the only mammal in the world to be covered from head to toe in keratin scales.


  • There are total of eight species of Pangolin. Four are found in Africa which are the Tree Pangolin, the Giant Ground Pangolin, the Cape Pangolin and the Long-tailed Pangolin.


  • The name Pangolin has derived from the Malay word ‘pengguling’, which means ‘rolling up’.


  • Pangolins are nocturnal, solitary animals with very poor eyesight.


  • Other physical attributes that assist pangolins it can release a noxious smelling acid to deter predators and


  • Pangolins have a long sticky tongue that grows from deep inside their chest cavity and can extend to over 40cm, which is longer than its own body.


  • Pangolins have teeth and are unable to chew, insects are broken up by stones and keratin spines located inside their stomachs.


  • Sadly, this tough looking little mammal is on the edge of survival with some populations classified as Critically Endangered. They are the most trafficked animal in the world.

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