Ochre Sebastian Zane.

Zane’s work is derived from four essential themes: a singular focus on one colour; inspiration from the heroes of Abstract Expressionism; a long fascination with Chaos Theory; and a sincere reverence for nature.

BLUE: Zane has honed a monochromatic blue vocabulary in his work since he started to paint in his early 20’s. His endeavour to explore the universe through this one colour is a life-long pursuit, that ultimately lead him to develop his own intense pigment of blue. His fascination with blue is dualistic: he is both calmed by it, and yet drawn to the storm that is inherent within it. In this way, his pigment is almost auto-biographical. In his works, the colour blue is as much the subject (protagonist) of his art, as any object that he paints. Unquestionably, his blue pigment ignites an “unspeakable effect” within. #ochrezaneblue.

ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM: The heroes of Abstract Expressionism (Pollock, Rothko, De Kooning) serve as tremendous inspiration for OZ. Their gestural approaches to painting, full of unleashed and profound emotion are echoed throughout his works. “… Forget the grid, and to hell with order. I need to celebrate the colour blue and the chaos of my strokes in a grand way.” (OZ, Art Summit Interview, Sept. 2018) Much of his painting is imbued with a powerful surge of emotive expressionism. Discovering an emotive power within the essential clarity of the materials that he uses to execute his paintings. Disciplined by single colour, focusing on material exploration, the creative gesture and the spiritual connection between the artist and his work. He seeks to transcend visionary barriers. The work itself becomes a memory and an artifact symbolic of the artist’s conversation with the raw material that brought the painting into creation.

CHAOS THEORY: His fascination with Chaos Theory in Mathematics began as a teenager, and so too pervades his work. It embraces tangled and competing systems effected by countless hyper-sensitive and erratic variables (as opposed to well organized formulas with calculable and predictable outcomes). Chaos Theory serves as a necessary sense-making metaphor for OZ, with which he can comprehend and process the world around him. Accordingly, for him it feels very representative of the world today: the anomalous realms of global politics, the phantasmagoria of time/place right now, the welcomed obliteration of old stereotypes of identity, and the out-of-control spiral of climate change all contribute to this impression. In his work, his depiction of abstraction is inextricably linked to his fascination with Chaos Theory.

NATURE: Zane’s genuine love of nature and reverence for the environment are borne from a childhood spent in South Africa. This runs deep, and can be felt the moment you step into his world. He is bewildered by rarities in nature, and finds endless inspiration there. For OZ, nature is with-out-a-doubt the unifying thread of humanity.

A mélange of these four essential themes is evident throughout his work.

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