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My Rhino – Design a Rhino to help save a Rhino

Rhinoceroses once roamed the plains and forests of Africa in their hundreds of thousands. The ever increasing threat of extinction and poaching of the magnificent Rhino, has prompted design partners at Or-gari; Heidi Snaith and Nicolas Snaith to create and increase awareness with My Rhino.

My Ceramic Rhinos

The name ‘My Rhino’ was selected to increase people’s connection to this beautiful animal, making the Rhino not just any other animal but their own Rhino. When asked about the name of the range Heidi explained that the word ‘My’ was specifically used to enhance the sense of connection to, ownership of and responsibility for these precious creatures. ‘The possessive was used to make the Rhino not just any other animal but your own Rhino,’ she says. Essentially, investing in one of these is a good way to bring a pertinent issue home, quite literally.

Selective designs have been used that encapsulate the essence of Africa, Love and Emotion. For example; the Rhino with words scribed on its body such as “I am loveable, Save me from extinction, Solitary, Love, I am a vegetarian, Hook-Lipped and Shy”.

My Rhino has been moulded by expert mould maker John Wiffen, he has taken exact proportions of the rhino into consideration, from body to weight of the animal, making it as close to a replica as possible. A limited edition range is being created that will be promoted at once off events and prestigious exhibits.

The My Rhino brand wishes to increase awareness globally through as many distribution channels locally and internationally as possible, by doing so all people can become further aware and connect with such a wonderful animal.

My Rhino

My Rhino is currently donating to 5 charities with an interest to increase this over time, making this not just an awareness program but also a fund raising initiative. Retailers are also encouraged to donate further funds to a charity of their choice.

My Rhino comes beautifully packaged and is easy to transport. Depending on the numbers ordered, we can brand the packaging to suit each client’s needs.



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