Ndebele Dinner Plates + Side Plates


Dinner Plates

Liven up any dinner table by bringing the bush into your home, on these larger than standard dinner plates.

Fine bone china dinner ware with hand painted water coloured paintings transferred onto plates.

The Ndebele people or amaNdebele of the northernmost regions of South Africa, traditionally used ochre pigments in their geometric designs and art. These iconic patterns include colourful geometric shapes outlined by white ochre and black lines of charcoal. The patterns form murals that adorn the outer walls of the traditional round houses of the Ndebele.

Each piece comes in a handmade cardboard box with recycled paper to protect it.

  • Size of piece: 31cm diameter.
  • Size of Box: 32cm length x 32cm width x 7cm height.
  • Delivery time: 1 – 2 weeks.